Chichester Packaging, Protect and Enhance your Products

Our Complete Product Range

Paper Bags

Candy Striped Paper Bags
Random Designs Paper Bags
White Paper Bags
Brown Paper Bags

Tissue Paper

Color Tissue Paper
White Tissue Paper
Acid Free Tissue Paper

Polythene Carriers

Fashion Carriers
Patch Handle Carriers
Recycled Vest Carriers
White Vest Carriers
Eco Friendly Degradable White Vest Carriers
Super Strong White Vest Carriers

Till & Credit Card Rolls

Thermal Till Rolls
A-Grade Till Rolls
Credit Card Rolls

Clear Polythene Bags

Strong and Heavy Duty

Counter Bags

White Polythene Butcher Bags
Boxed, or in Pouches

Tapes & Packing Equipment

Parcel Tape
Tape Gun
Bag Neck Sealing Machine

Paper Carrier Bags

Tape Handles
Twisted Paper Handles

Refuse Sacks

Refuse Sacks (Boxed)
Retail Packs (Rolls)

Eco Friendly Packaging

Paper Carrier Bags
Recycled Vest Carriers
Eco Friendly Vest carriers
Brown Paper Bags
Random Design Paper Bags


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